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Pave Over Style Inductive Loop

Designed for vehicle detection with: Barrier gates, Overhead doors, Gate operators, Traffic signals, Arming devices, Vehicle counters.


Product Description


LABOR SAVING Completely assembled. Ready to set in place for paving or concrete pour.
COST EFFECTIVE Eliminates the need of saw cutting and costly sealant. Cuts installation by hours.
DURABLE Non-metallic Liquid Tight conduit protects loop turns from being harmed by sharp objects, heaving, chemicals and the elements.
ELIMINATES FALSE SIGNALS A tight jacket loop in a non-metallic conduit with a watertight sealed lead-in connection ensures years of flawless operation.
FLEXIBLE Liquid Tight A non-metallic Liquid Tight conduit with up to 5 turns of 18 awg with PVC insulation and a type C final jacket.
LIGHT & COMPACT Due to the materials and design these loops can be coiled and shipped in small cartons.

A wide selection of loop sizes and lead-in length in inventory and ready for shipment:

  • Non-spliced stock leads are 20′,30′, 50′, 75′ & 100′.
  • Custom size loops available.
  • Custom materials & lead lengths available.


Cross Section of Part # E-NLXX-18/XX


Installation Preformed Flexible Conduit Paveover Loop