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Illustration of metal bracket on PLH loop.

High Temperature Paveover Inductive Loop

The Model PLH Preformed Loop is a prefabricated loop & lead-in assembly designed to be overlaid with hot asphalt or embedded in concrete.


Product Description

PLH High Temperature

  • Loop & Lead-in cables are flexible for easy handling and installation.
  • Configurable to suit any geometry rectangular, round, chevron. Quadra pole loop are available.
  • Wire insulation and cable jackets are formulated from Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) and will withstand temperatures up to 426° Fahrenheit
  • Cables are filled with water block gel to prevent water penetration.
  • All splice connections are soldered, sealed and tested before being sealed in the splice enclosure.
  • Splice enclosure is constructed of high impact glass impregnated plastic (.25″ minimum thickness).
  • Various configurations are available to suit most commonly sized loop installations and are provided with a 50′ long lead-in cable.  Custom sizes and lead-in lengths are available.
  • Please call for details.

Loop layouts available in perpendicular or parallel lead positions.

Ordering: To generate a part number for ordering the PLH Loop insert the total perimeter length in place of the XX. Insert the total lead length required in place of the” YY” If you require the perpendicular tee layout add -A as a suffix to the part number.

The Model PLH Preformed Loop is a prefabricated loop & lead-in assembly designed to be overlaid with hot asphalt or embedded in concrete. Each component of the PLH (loop cable, lead-in cable, and splice enclosure) is designed to maximize durability, minimize water penetration, and maintain a flexible form that is easy to install and handle. Both the low profile loop cable and lead-in cables are 0.365″ O.D. to resist the effects of reflective cracking that can occur in asphalt. Wire insulation and cable jackets are constructed with the optimal thickness of Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) necessary to ensure a long, trouble free life. XLPE insulation provides excellent thermal, electrical, and physical properties and is recognized for its outstanding resistance to moisture and chemicals.

Loop Installation – Asphalt Overlay:

1. Place the PLH Preformed Loop in the proper position and orientation on the asphalt base lift.
2. Route the lead-in cable to the desired termination point.
3. Use the fiberglass backed mastic tape (included with the PLH) cut into 2″ x 4″ or 3″ x 4″ strips to hold the loop and lead-in cable in place.
4. Apply the top lift.
Note: When applying the top lift, make certain that the loop cable does not get pulled into the augers on the paving machine.

PLH Loop Ready for Shipment

PLH Series Preformed High Temperature Loop